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if you dont reblog this in 30 seconds this man will turn up at your window at 4 am




if you are seeing this, it is because you are still following tumblr user @nonjutsu! you may be here because you are a masochist of some sort or just feel that life is not worth living. if you are not one of the above, doctors agree that you should unfollow immediately; as there’s nothing here but painfully cancerous shitposting, and it’s only going to get cancerier.

believe it



niggas out here think complimenting another guy makes you gay smh

I know right? I told a nigga the other day he got a nice meat curve and dude had the audacity to look at me funny—like dude calm down; it’s a compliment son—and said no homo like twice.

ARTIST: Yakushimaru Etsuko
TRACK: Welcome to the X Dimension
ALBUM: Space Dandy OST

TRACK: Never Forget


I wanna die...

I wanna die…

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Music was SORROW OF DANDY from the Space Dandy OST